This policy describes guidelines in the publication process of the Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal. Specifically, our journal adopts and strive to adhere to the following standards and requirements:

COPE - Committee on Publication Ethics

ICMJE - International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

Submission policies

When you submit a manuscript to Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal, we will take it to imply that the manuscript has not already been published or submitted elsewhere You may not submit your manuscript elsewhere while it is under consideration at Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal.

We reserve the right to reject a paper even after it has been accepted if it becomes apparent that there are serious problems with its scientific content, or our publishing policies have been violated.

Author responsibilities

Authorship implies a significant intellectual contribution to setting a goal, planning and developing a research design, collecting data, processing literature, writing a text, and critically evaluating the results that will lead to definite conclusions. Each author must take part in the work, sufficient to bear public responsibility for the relevant part of the content of the article.

All persons listed as authors must approve the final version of the manuscript, as well as its sending to the journal for publication.

The corresponding (submitting) author is the contact person between the publisher and other authors. He should inform the co-authors and involve them in decision-making on publication issues (for example, in the case of a response to comments from reviewers).

Animal Research

Research involving regulated animals must meet internationally accepted ethics standards for the study type, including but not limited to obtaining study-specific approval by the appropriate ethics committee, securing appropriate permits to conduct the research, and providing required details for studies involving non-human primates.

Human Subjects Research

Research involving human participants must meet internationally accepted ethics standards for the study type, including but not limited to obtaining study-specific approval by the appropriate ethics committee, taking steps to protect participant privacy, obtaining informed consent and providing clinical trial documentation.

Conflict of interest

Authors, reviewers, and editors must declare potential conflict of interest, or interests that may be perceived as such, as they relate to the research. A conflict of interest may relate to a person or an entity and may be of a financial, non-financial, professional or personal nature.

Disclosure of Funding Sources

The authors should provide with the third-party financing of research work (grants, pensions, donations, medical entities supplying equipment, medications and/or other support contributing to research or writhing an article). It is important to describe in details the role of sponsors in study design; collection, analyzing and interpretation of the data; decision of results publication; preparing and correction of the article. If a sponsor did not participate, the authors should state it. If a research had no any funding, the article should include: ‘The research had no sponsor support’. Information about funding should be placed at the end of a manuscript (prior references) in the section ‘Information disclosure statement’ under the heading ‘Funding’.

Content License

The edition uses licensed Creative Commons - CC BY - Attribution -
This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation

Ethical Publishing Practice

Authors of research published in the Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal must comply with best practices in publication ethics. The Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal abide by Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and aim to adhere to its Best Practice Guidelines.

Full descriptions of the policies, along with any additional, journal-specific requirements that authors must fulfill prior to publication can be found on the Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal website in the “Editorial Policy” section